Through the second lockdown, in Novemeber, ALL IN-CLASS ACTIVITIES ARE SUSPENDED DUE TO Covid 19

Please see the Online page for current schedule

Tuesday 13:00 - 13:45 at Brockwell Lido is suspended in November

To book it, you'll just have to contend with the Fusion booking system that can seriously drive you a little bit crazy but, if you are lucky - remember to book by 10pm on the Tuesday before.. then you'll be one of the 8 people on the mat indoor, beside the lovely swimming pool ..

At the moment, Covid restrictions allowing, I can allocate more time for one to one sessions, Thai massage treatments and occasionally workshops

Please send me an email: [email protected], to book a slot or a few


Either via Zoom or in person I can tailor one to one private or corporate classes for a single individual at a purpose-built hired yoga studio, or to a small group of people willing to practice together at work or at your own home

Ideal for all levels and abilities, if you want to take your practice deeper or want to work at some specific injuries/ illnesses 

Thai massage treatments

In line with the Covid restrictions of the present time, I'm now more available to give treatments in person

Thai Yoga Massage is as much meditation in action as it is a powerful therapy for the body and spirit. It combines acupressure with applied yoga stretching.

It is often described as "receiving a yoga class on to you". 

No oil used and the client wears comfortable clothes throughout the session.

The treatment unfolds on a futon-like mattress on the floor

through the application of pressure onto important points of the body or "energy lines" together with gentle stretching; depending on the client's needs. This blend of acupressure and stretching stimulate and soothes the body's energy, affecting the patient's mind and body, and promoting the natural healing process.

Suitable for all ages, it can complement any level of exercise or activity. Especially beneficial to heal particular long-term physical and psychological, ailments; for those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from overexertion in work or sport, or from arthritis or other disorders affecting either mobility and emotional well-being. 

For any queries relating holidays/ retreats you can directly contact Maurizio: [email protected]